Life lessons

” –….Placing you in certain situations just like the chess piece on the chess board for you to learn and for you to grow and for you to experience for a reason. Every moment of your life is a lesson for you to learn. It is an experience for you to have. If we wanted.. or the reason… The purpose behind earth was to be enlightened and know everything and stay in that, that place of awakendness we would not have sent ourselves here because that is who we are, out there. The Great I AM knows everything but we’ve sent ourselves here to have experience. To learn, to grow and if you knew everything, we wouldn’t learn anything. So this life is a school. We are giving ourselves this experience to grow, become wiser. To develop parts of ourselves that needed to be developed. It is a school and so our choices every day of every moment you ask yourself am I living, am I coming from love in this moment?”

Radiointerwiew with Keisha Crowther/Little Grandmother June 14 2010

Bilden; Christer 1974, Kalix. Kameran en Nikkormat 35 mm, film Tri-x.


Om maria åkerblom

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